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Superstar music duo Andrew and Daniel Omokhudu popularly known as Apex and Bionic are Nigerian-based R&B recording artists.

The duo made their debut in the Nigerian music industry with their debut single “Tell Them” in 2014, the song went on to be a major hit and was very instrumental in shooting them to the limelight.

Apex and Bionic were born in Benin City Edo state Nigeria. Though they started singing in 2010 but never released a professional song until 2014 when they released their debut single.

Bionic was a part of a hip-hop group called “MOCLAN”. He was the leader of his brand and his story was said to have dominated all street rap battles in the south from 2007-2011. He would rap using strange words and rhymes to create rap verses that were always shocking and unexpected.

Apex, on the other hand, was a fitness model and a rapper but was mostly involved in event hosting and rap battles alongside friends and they had the “Open Mic Night” up until 2012.

In an interview, the music stars stated that “Growing up in Benin and its environment had been cited as one of their biggest influence since they started singing, it has prevented us from joining bad gangs in the society and most importantly, it carved a different niche in the Music Industry.

The twin brothers released another single titled “Oshere”. They went on to release their first album titled “Nothing to Something”, a ten-track album. AB, as they’re fondly called… collaborated with South African Guru UHURU and DJ Maphorisa to make the song “Get Down” one of the tracks listed on the album.

The uniquely talented musicians in 2019 released a music video for their song “Hold Up”. That same year, they went on to release “For your Matter” with Nigerian music veteran 2baba.

In November 2020 Apex and Bionic announced and released a fresh album and movie titled “Nobody Holy”, this body of work features the legendary 2baba, Davido, Oritsefemi, Seyi Shay, and Slimcase. As cited by The Nation, the album and movie exposed the social ills and how difficult it is for an average young African to be upright considering the everyday struggles.

Going through the amazing hits and numerous collabos these passionate twins has brought to the Nigerian music industry, we can tell that they are phenomenal in what they do and we’ve not gotten enough of them yet.

They’re a real gem in the Nigerian music industry, and they’re just getting started. Below, is an exclusive interview the music stars had with us.

 Are you guys really twins?

* We are not twin; we are blood brothers that formed a music entertainment duo together

When did you guys start doing music?

* We started music from childhood, coming from a music-oriented family we started music from a young age but ventured into it professionally in 2012

What inspired you to do music?

* For us music came naturally, coming from a music and entertainment background building our artistic traits was inbuilt as we started entertaining from childhood at small family gatherings and school groups, joining multiple music hip hop and poetry groups and church choirs. We decided earlier in life that music was our calling and nothing else could stop us

We have seen a couple of your performances, we really love the energy and zeal you put into it. What’s your secret behind your performing energy?

* We believe that performance energy comes from planning and preparations in order to connect with the crowd, we take great pleasure in appealing and connecting our music to the crowd both old and young

How has the industry treated you so far? I know there must have been challenges!

* The industry has been a hall of experiences and learning, coming into the industry young and energetic has not been easy to dominate the mainstream market but being resolute in spirit never say never has been the order of the day for us

You’ve collaborated with a couple of A-list artists, including, Slimcase, 2baba, Davido, etc… Who would you say you’ve had the best collaboration with?

* All our collaborations are great and we cannot pinpoint one from Dj Marphorisa, Uhuru, 2face, Davido, Sheyi shay, Slimcase, and Oritsefemi they are all very great songs as we blend into all genres perfectly well

What are your real names?

* I am Daniel Omokhudu and Bionic is Andrew Omokhudu

How come the names “Apex and Bionic”?

* Apex was coined from my personal traits as an individual who always pushes himself to do the most from every situation while Bionic was a nickname I got from my group mates and friends whenever I displayed the shocking talent that made them believe I was half machine and half-human as I was always surpass every and all standards that were set for me

What makes you unique?

* Our sense of storytelling and diversity in entertaining, from having creative prowess to becoming actors and scriptwriters also branching out to becoming both rappers and singers which has given us a smooth blend into all genres

What motivates you?

* Breeding a powerful strength in the mindset of youths from the south to enable them to believe that they can use all their time and energy to do something entertaining and productive with all the negatives that have been written and spoken about southerners is the main driving motivates us to keep propelling further and never give up

What is your greatest strength and weakness?

* Our greatest strength is our resilience and diversification while our greatest weakness is the inability to grasp the full usage of social media to connect with our blooming fans

Describe the next five years of your life and your plans?

* The next 5 years of our career will be the most exciting as our fan base is now more rounded and aware of our vision and we are now fully formed into our entertaining niche as songwriters, producers, movie actors, and creative directors. We are reaching out to more entertainment platforms to give us a more rounded appeal to a diverse crowd, we have built a big enough platform to make the change we have set out to make from the start so in 5 years time we will see ourselves entertaining and selling out stadium, with a crowd of different ethnicities and races globally connecting people through our music

Who inspires you?

* God, our mum, our environment, every situation are some of the things that inspire us

Would you date a fan?

* No we would not date our fans, we love our fans and they make us who we are, without our fans cheering us we could never get far so we will not trade that for the world.

Which sports do you enjoy watching?

* We enjoying watching soccer

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

* We create good music as our sound could branch out to any genre

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

* Working with Beyonce would be a dream come true for us

What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for music?

* We would be into the business of some natural resource refining project because we believe in creating opportunities from things around us to improve the needs of the society

What is your favorite song to perform?

* We don’t have a favorite song we love to perform, we have a lot of great songs and we enjoy performing all of them

What sets your music apart, what’s unique, or at least what’s uncommon?

* Our diversity in being able to rap and sing to blend music well, our dress style and our appearance, our originality, and deeply rooted lyrics is the most common thing you will easily notice about our music anytime you hear it

Who are your top 5 favorite musicians of all time, and why are they your favorites?

* In no particular order Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Fela, Tupac, Eminem. They all have two things in common which are “persistence and hard work”

What are your top 5 favorite songs of all time?

* We listen to diverse genre age and genres, we don’t have a top 5 we just enjoy good music as we believe anything can be inspirational and we can pick from it

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

* For us music is a tool used to express ourselves to the rest of the world and communicate with people of different races and cultures, we enjoy the emotions we are able to wake up in people be it on a love song or a song about betrayal or a sad song. We are happy to be able to paint pictures that will mean something to someone somewhere, and the connection we have with our fans.

Of your own music, do you have a favorite?

* Every one of our songs are special to us, we don’t have any favorite

When you create music, what’s your personal purpose or goal?

* Our goal is to heighten senses and enlighten minds and share the message that we carry at all times staying through to a message. There is always something to pick from our song. After listening to our music, we want people to be able to feel a part of us that connects to them. We want to share ourselves with our fans in the most real way possible

What’s your biggest musical challenge?

* Finding the right team is the biggest challenge one can ever face in the industry

Do you enjoy recording and production?

* Recording and production is something we enjoy doing a lot and the studio is our happy place, we would sleep and wake up in the studio and spend long hours there .it is the one place we feel at home.

Do you plan your music release, or do you just finish a song and release it?

* We always plan our music releases based on the kind of song we are pushing out, if it is a street theme song then we plan for massive street promotion connect with the grass-root crowd but if it is a classy tempo song then we generate more of the momentum on social media

How do you advertise your music?

Getting people involved to start up a trend that will increase the song presence, we advertise through social media, digital stores, radio, TV, magazine/newspaper

Have you been featured in any movies?

* The first movie we starred in titled “nobody holy”

If you were given an opportunity to be a superhero, which hero would you be?

* We will like to be Superman

What do you do with your spare time?

* Write a script, watch movies, play video games, cook, play pool

Who are your celebrity crushes?

* Ariana grande, Rihanna, Beyonce

What has been your best or worse date?

* We don’t think of having a worse situation or date because we don’t keep bad days to heart so we cannot even remember one now but for us having dates out to connect with our fans is always a great experience

What’s your annoying habit?

* Forgetting that we are celebrities and still hanging out in spots where we find fun notwithstanding our fame

What are your messages to your fans and the younger generation out there?

* Whatever you believe in keep striving, keep moving as growth comes from commitment and consistency in whatever you do. Always have a good clean heart and set your objects very clear, have a positive mentality that you can win against everyone else’s opinion and judgment, and sooner or later you will win.

Creative Team:

Hair: Ok Combs
Styling: Magpayne
Make-Up: Eniola George
Photographer: Kolexor Studio

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