About Us

by 8ztsr



Giovanna Media Nigeria is a marketing and advertising company that is all about captivating audiences through the creation of exceptional content and ideas across the different areas of our business: Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing Communications, Product Launching, Content Marketing, Insight Led, Culturally Intelligent, Globally Relevant, Events & Experiences.
We deliver global multi-industry campaigns, we harness creativity and data to deliver content that resonates with your target audience, precision aligned to meet your business objectives.
We bring your brand story to life by harnessing the power of authentic connections. We craft high-impact social and influencer marketing campaigns that drive real engagement.
In the dynamic landscape of social media and influencer marketing, we stay close to the action to offer long-lasting engagement and business impact. Tailor-made social videos, influencer, social and creative strategies translate into measurable results.
We offer unrivaled access to leading influencers. We’ll not just guarantee a performance uplift, you can watch it happen.


Giovanna Magazine is Africa’s leading digital and print magazine celebrating youths around the world featuring beauty, fashion, and lifestyle through our vision. Giovanna Magazine is specifically based on the lifestyle of youths and we intend to appreciate the works of young Nigerians excelling positively in their choices of careers.

We are a quarterly all-colored and glossy magazine and our choice of selecting our cover page personalities is basically based on age, creativity, and consistency. Our mission is to ‘showcase and celebrate youths” and we are more than willing to do anything for them.