People Born on Friday Astrology

by 8ztsr

Friday is the day of Venus which governs some interesting aspects of life like love, balance, affection, beauty, partnership, romance, refinement, art, pleasures, luxuries, and comforts. Friday-born people are highly social and artistic. Often they depend too much on the views and opinions of others. You find a Friday-born lazy and comfort-loving. The talents of the Friday-born must be nurtured and brought out by surrounding them with beauty and love.

People Born On Friday in PersonalityYou are a pleasant and charming individual endowed with the power to attract anyone on the earth. When you face competition, you tend to become jealous of the competitor involved in the situation. You will find money easily. The partnerships you forge in life will contribute to growth and development. To be able to feel at home, you want spacious surroundings and luxurious amenities. Choose a partner who will bring you a lot of wealth that you can enjoy. Your lucky number is six. A happy and pleasurable life is assured for you. Plunge into a lucky life and make the most of it. Do some charity on Fridays to overcome some impending troubles and reap good luck.

People Born On Friday in CareerBorn on Friday, you are known to radiate your energy all around that will make your work vibrant and robust. You have a lot of creativity and innovation. You will be drawn toward careers and businesses that will demand a lot of originality and new ideas. You always have strong empathy for others. Hence you will have a flair for vocations that involve helping others. It is necessary to follow your heart to succeed in the profession you take up. Never allow the preoccupation with money to rule your approach to your career. This attitude will lead to failure.

People Born On Friday in love being a Friday born, you are a highly emotional individual. You always love to be in the company of people. Therefore it is very easy for you to find your lover from those around you. However, you must exercise great care to see that you make the right choice with regard to your love partner. Once you fall in love with someone, you will totally lose yourself. When it comes to failure, you can hardly take it. Since you are prone to heartbreaks very easily, you must always choose your lover only after knowing the person thoroughly and taking enough time to understand them.

People Born On Friday in MarriageThe married life of the Friday born will be a paradise on the earth because they are highly affectionate and sympathetic individuals. You will want an over-sexed life which might often appear too demanding to your life partner. Learn to balance to see harmony in your relationships. You will love luxury and comforts and work towards that end by making your home equipped with all modern gadgets and conveniences. Give vent to your caring nature and explore ways to please your life partner so that you get the most out of your married life.


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