People Born on Monday Astrology

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Monday, the second day of the week is ruled by Moon. This is a wonderful planet in astrology that is very near to the earth and so its influence on the earth is very prominent. Moon is ever changing in its glow and size. Moon is the ruler of minds. This planet governs domestic life, family ties, and genetics. Monday born individuals will be rooted in these aspects of face some issues with regard to these issues if their moon is afflicted. You will find the Monday born kind, modest, adaptable, possessive, caring, and motherly.

People Born On Monday in Personality

Moon is the only satellite of the earth and has a significant place in astrology among the important planets that rule the horoscope of every person. Being born on Monday, you tend to be attached to your mother, women, and domestic life. Women will influence your life in several ways and will impact the way you see the world. You are an intuitive person and give importance to your feelings and personal experience rather than the evidence presented in front of you. Your lucky number is two and to see amazing results you can use this number as much as possible. Worshipping Lord Shiva and Ganesh on Mondays will bring highly favourable results in your life.

People Born On Monday in Career

You are highly oriented towards working with your hands. You love those jobs that will involve skills and dexterity. For example, carpentry will come in handy for your personality. Monday born will shine well in business too. As an entrepreneur, you can make huge profits with your dedication and involvement. Irrespective of you engage in a job or business, you will be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and demonstrate a disciplined approach. Career success is always assured for the Monday born. You will be able to attract everyone around you in your workplace and win their admiration.

People Born On Monday in Love

Born on Monday, you are a highly caring individual. You are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. At the same time, you have a tendency to believe others so easily and fall in love without enough forethought or discrimination. You must not neglect your personal welfare or happiness at the cost of extending your heart to others. You love spending time with your partner. You must ensure you do not yield to unreasonable expectations to avoid troubles in the long run. You will make a wonderful love partner to someone since you always hate fights and love to make peace with your relationships.

People Born On Monday in Marriage

You are a highly impressionable individual and this makes you highly sensitive to all the experiences you face in life. Both positive and negative experiences can affect you so much leading to relations and heartbreaks from time to time. None on the earth can care for their life partner as you do with your warm and caring nature. You can adapt to the changing circumstances and remain loyal to your life partner all the time. Your possessive nature will often lead you to demand more from your life partner. Overcome your super-sensitive nature to find stability in relationships.

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