How To Attract Money: 15 Tips For Wealth & Riches

by 8ztsr

Attracting Money Is Easier Than You Think

If you want to know how to attract money into your life, then you have come to the right place.

Because today we will cover 15 money affirmations to improve your wealth, prosperity, money, and luck.

As I thought seriously about how to attract money it came down to 4 keys...

How To Attract Money: Key Takeaways

First of all, attracting money starts in your head.  You must have a positive attitude and a good money mindset.

Furthermore, you need to make an honest assessment of your current money state.  And develop of vision of what attracting money into your life means for your future.

Finally, take the right actions to make more money.  And spend your money wisely.

From these 4 key takeaways, we have our 15 tips on how to attract money now.

Ways To Attract Money Now

  1. Have a positive attitude
  2. Create a productive money mindset
  3. Stop worrying
  4. Make an honest assessment of your current money state
  5. Focus on abundance & be grateful for what you have
  6. Share what you have with others
  7. Make a study of wealth
  8. Visualize money
  9. Put yourself “out there”
  10. Think in terms of adding value, not just time
  11. Make continuous self-improvement a priority
  12. Spend in alignment with your values
  13. Be a minimalist
  14. Reward yourself

Now, let’s go through each of these money affirmations in greater detail.

Then you too will know the secret of how to attract money and wealth. Even if you are starting your money journey from scratch.

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1. To Attract Money, Have A Positive Attitude

Have a positive outlook.  Look at the bright side of things.  Don’t dwell on the negative.  Practice positive self-talk when it comes to money.

By being positive you will attract better people to associate with.  And those better people will help you on your journey to an abundance of money.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

I just mentioned positive self-talk.  What exactly is that?

When negative events or mistakes happen, positive self-talk seeks to bring good things out of the negative. To help you do better, go further, or just keep moving forward.

The practice of positive self-talk is a process that allows you to discover obscured optimism. Also, the hope, and the joy in any given situation.

Finally, by all means, believe in yourself.  And what you are trying to accomplish with money.  Attracting money through the law of attraction requires this.  If you don’t believe, who will?

2. Create A Productive Money Mindset

Your money mindset is how you think about money.  Any you want to focus on the positive attitude we just discussed towards money.

You must believe that you can master your money.  That you can make more money.  And save more of the money you make.

Think about wealth and money in a good light.  Sometimes people with money are demonized by politicians and the media.

In reality, most people that are successful in attracting money now are hardworking, upstanding people.  There is nothing wrong with having money.  Or trying to attract more money than you already have.  So don’t think that way.

3. Knowing How To Attract Money Means Stopping Worry

I’m a bit of a worry wort.  And it is not one of my best habits.

Based on my experiences, worrying has no value.  Quite often, money issues create stress in our lives that lead us to worry.

Stress and worry can break us down.  It can create health issues.  It can freeze us up and keep us from our quest to attract money at home or work.

So, it’s important to manage stress effectively.  I know it all too well.  I am a pretty high-stress person.  And have had periods in my life where stress practically crippled me.

Realize that most of the things we worry about never happen.  The next time you are stressed out about money, think about your money mindset.

First of all, move your thoughts on to something more positive.  Because whatever you are worried about probably won’t happen.

Furthermore, take action to alleviate your worry.  Is there is something you can do about the issue that’s on your mind?  If so, by all means, do it.

If you want to know how to attract money spiritually, then worry and stress must be controlled.  Doing so will bring out your inner strength and resolve.

Okay now. That concludes our first key takeaway area.  How to attract money using mind power.  Remember, everything starts between your ears.

So now, we are ready to look at the 2nd big area of this topic.  That is, understanding your current state of affairs when it comes to attracting money fast and over the long run too.

4. Face The Facts & Make An Honest Assessment About Your Money Status

Get your financial facts together.  What is your net worth?  How much money do you spend and where do you spend it.

A free online tool like Personal Capital is a great resource to assess your current financial state. And manage your money effectively.

Do you have investments?  Then, what are they and are they the right investments to achieve your money goals.

So, spend some time getting familiar with your finances.  To attract money at home, create an area where you can focus on your money.

A home office is a perfect option.  But, it can be anywhere you desire.  As long as you can access your money-related information.

5. To Attract Money Focus On Abundance & Be Grateful

Now you have a better understanding of your current money state.  So, create an abundance mindset about what you have.  Don’t worry about what you don’t have.

When I get down about something, I think about this phrase. “I had the blues because I had no shoes until, upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.”

Enough said?  Be grateful for what you have.  And don’t dwell on what you do not possess.  An abundance mentality will take you far.  Always remember that many people have less than you.

6. Share What You Have

Don’t forget to give back or donate to charities if that is something important to you. Giving is one of many powerful wealth affirmations.

I’m not big on giving away our money.  At least not yet.  But some people swear by it when it comes to attracting money.

Perhaps donating money to charity is just not possible given your current monetary state of affairs.  I understand.

But sharing doesn’t have to be just about donating money.  It can be as simple as this.  Put a smile on your face and share it with the world.  Do a good deed for a neighbor or friend.

As my mother used to say, “you get back twice as much in return as you give.”  And my mother was always right.  At least that’s what she told me!

Okay. That covers the 2nd key area in our quest to attract money.  That is assessing your current state.

First of all, understand your current money situation.  Furthermore, view that situation with an abundance mindset.  Finally, be generous with what you have.

Next, on to our third key area on how to raise your vibration to attract money.  It is determining your future state.

7. Make A Study Of Wealth To Attract Money

What is wealth?  How much money do you need?

How do people that have been successful in attracting money go about doing so?

These are all very important questions.  There are a host of resources on money, wealth, and wealth-building on-site here at Dividends Diversify.

I welcome you to check out any or all of these articles about wealth building.  But, I will point out one so you don’t get overwhelmed.  It is a book called Everyday Millionaires which I have read and reviewed for you.

The book is full of many real-life stories.  Stories about how everyday people like you and I become millionaires.

Why study wealth?  Well, how will you know what success with money looks like if you don’t?

You may be misguided about wealth and how to build it.

And that leads us to our next step in the process of how to attract money.  It is determining your future state.

8. You Must Visualize Money To Attract Money

When you take a trip, do you have a destination in mind?  Of course, you do.

Few of us get in our car or board a plane without a clear idea of where we are going.  Becoming a success in attracting money is no different.

Attract money into your life by having your goal in mind.  Think big and believe if you can envision it. Then you can achieve it.

That’s why our previous step was to learn about wealth.  To make your vision you must understand wealth building.

A Story About Visualizing Money & Success

I will sum it up with a quote I remember from a man I used to work for.  His name was Joe.  Joe was in his 70’s.  He retired in his 60’s, but hated retirement and came back to work.

At the time, Joe and I were in charge of establishing a new business unit for our company. One day Joe was addressing the employees at a group meeting and said:

“Think big, we are only limited by our thoughts.”

And that quote applies to both you and me.  We are only limited by our thoughts. When it comes to thinking big about money.

Follow Joe’s advice.   Daydream, think big and establish your vision for future money success.  Don’t be limited by your thoughts.

Ask yourself this.  What will your life be like when you have achieved your goal of attracting money?

A Quick Recap On Our Status Of Attracting Money

We are now ready for our fourth and final key area to attract money.  Because most of what we have discussed thus far has been conceptual.  And strategic.

First of all, we established a positive money mindset.  Furthermore, I had you assess your current state of money affairs.  Finally, you have made a study of wealth.  And determined what your goal of attracting money looks like.

But now, we are ready for more tactical steps.  What do I mean by that?

Well, the essence of attracting more money comes down to 2 primary areas.  First of all, making more money.  Furthermore, spending less of the money we have.

Armed with your current state.  And future money goals.  You are now ready for these more actions to create an abundance of riches.

9. To Attract Money Put Yourself “Out There”

We all, to some degree, fear failure and rejection.  But you can’t insulate yourself from those things.  Failure and rejection come with taking calculated risks.

Don’t fear failure.  Embrace it.  I like this saying, “when one door closes, another one will open”.  I think it’s very true.

Whatever it is you do for a living, don’t hide from it.  Or, as I like to say, “put yourself out there”. And put yourself out there in a positive light.

Look for the next opportunity to make more money.  Whether it’s working harder at what you do.  Put yourself in a position for a raise.  Or getting a new, better-paying job.

The goal is to maximize your earning potential. Even making a little side hustle money may help.

10. Think In Terms Of Adding Value, Not Time

Working hard and putting in the time is important.  Don’t get me wrong here.

But you don’t want to trade time for dollars when striving to attract money.  You want to think about adding value to whatever it is you do for a living.

Ask yourself how you can help your company, your customer, or your boss succeed.  That’s how you deliver value.

You can even do this for money from a mundane minimum wage job.  Here is an example.

When I was in high school and college I worked at a restaurant and bakery located on 15 acres of property.  It was a minimum wage job, plus tips when I waited tables.

Slowly, but surely I kept taking on more responsibility.  I did landscaping on the grounds.  Cleared tables, waited on tables, served drinks, and did set up for large parties and wedding receptions.  Finally, when the kitchen was short-staffed, I helped with kitchen preparation work, washing dishes, and cleaning up.

In short, I made myself invaluable to the operation.  My boss, the owner, always had work for me to do.

Why?  Because I always looked for ways and areas I could add value.  And make the establishment run better.  Make it a better place.  I wasn’t afraid to “put myself out there”. Adding value and doing the right things the right way is what pays big money in the long run.

Think about how you can do this in your situation.  You are only limited by your creativity and the attitude you take.

11. Make Continuous Self-Improvement A Priority

Investing in continuous development is almost always a good place for your time and money.  Be it books, classes, certifications, or on-the-job training.

Just make sure your self-investment is aligned with your money-making areas of focus.

Remember this saying…” be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you were today”.

Next, we need to talk about the spending side of attracting money into your life.

12. Spend In Alignment With Your Values

Decide what you value in life.  Is it travel, a beautiful home, delicious food, live entertainment?

I don’t know what it is for you.  And what you value may change over time.  It has for me. Making money and spending it on what you value are both important.

But whatever it is, spend money on what you value.  And cut out spending in other areas of your life.

Save a little more money however you can.

13. Attracting Money Is Easier When You Become A Minimalist

Minimize your belongings to only what you need and use.  Be minimal with your finances by streamlining and simplifying them.

Buy what you need and want.  But don’t consume just because others are doing so.

It is contradictory in some ways, but I like to say “minimize your finances to maximize your money”.

14. Reward Yourself

Identify and celebrate the little successes along the way.  I’m not so good at this one.  I set a goal and work hard to accomplish it.  But when I do, I tend to move on to the next thing.

Even if you are like me in this regard, from time to time sit back and reflect on and enjoy your accomplishments.

Last but not least, we have point number 15 on how to attract money.  It may be the most important.

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