Zodiac Signs Who Are The Freakiest In Bed & A Dream Come True For Their Partners

by 8ztsr

Have you ever wondered what drives you in bed?

Is it always the person you’re with? Possibly the extra shots you had at the bar a few hours ago? Or is it a kind of a drive that comes from deep within? One that you feel is almost omnipresent and a part of your personality now.

It could also be that what’s driving your sexual instincts is not just the alcohol or the attraction but also your star sign, which is said to dictate quite a few personality traits in people.

The 12 zodiac signs can categorise people based on almost anything, but if you’re looking to find which ones are known for getting frisky in bed, chances are (and they are good) that it would have to be one of these six:

1. Scorpio

The sign has the reputation of being one of the most sexually charged amongst all others. Think of Scorpios as bunnies – dangerously adorable and harmless from the surface of it, but extremely irresistible and active in bed. If you are a Scorpio, or perhaps dating one, be sure to receive cuddles with a side of heavy seduction.

2. Taurus

Often pegged to be close to Earth and nature, it is safe to say that this bull-charged sun sign has a rather natural pull toward sensuality. Taureans master the art of seduction, as well as dominating in the bed, owing to their stubbornness. People with the bull sign are big on sexual appetite and love to take their time in foreplay.

3. Gemini

Also called the air sign, Geminis are known to ironically take your breath away in bed. Kicking predictability and monotony right out the window, this sign is always down to play. Flirting, teasing, experimenting is all but natural instincts for Geminis, who know just how to keep things interesting.

4. Leo

Leos are associated with lions, and that in itself is enough for you to know that getting in bed with a Leo is like getting in bed with the king of the jungle. Passionate, dominating, and supercharged in bed, Leos channel their love for the wild and free-spiritedness by literally rocking your world. Think of roars, not moans.

5. Aries

Perhaps the kind for whom sexual compatibility and drive mean the most, Aries are known to have a deep desire for everything sexual. Churning excitement in the bedroom is second nature to them, for they love being spontaneous and keeping their partners on their toes. Pun intended.

Expect a lot of deep, meaningful, and nasty experiences with them in bed!

6. Sagittarius

The one trait that is common in Sagittarians is that they get bored all too easily. This is why you will always find them spicing things up behind closed doors.  Making good use of their powers of seduction and then when the time is right, going in for the kill, Sagittarians are all about the hunt.

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