Leo Colors and Palettes to Help You Shine

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Leo colors and palettes can be used to help you shine! Taking center stage is easy and natural for the lion who isn’t afraid to wear bright colors.

Color Palettes for Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun. These colors include yellow, purple, orange, red, and gold. You can combine the colors into different palettes to take advantage of the different energies of each color.

Using Color Palettes for Leo’s Wardrobe

There are several color palettes Leo can use for a variety of wardrobe choices. Select a color palette or create your own according to your personal tastes and occasions. Don’t forget that gold jewelry is a must for the regal lion!

A few examples include:

  • Daffodil yellow and lilac
  • Tangerine orange and pale yellow
  • Purple and lemon
  • Red and purple
  • Gold and purple
  • Red and gold
  • Orange, lemon, and lilac

Leo Color Choices for Home and Office Décor

Leo can use any of the above color palettes or create your own. These colors can be used to decorate your home and/or office to give Leo the best possible environment for living and working. These colors can create an ambiance that supports Leo’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional natures.

Leo’s Power Colors

Leo’s power colors are the sun colors gold, yellow, and orange. This can be a range of values from pale tangerine to burnt orange or pale lemon to bright sunflower. Choose the best color value to go with your wardrobe, home décor, or office décor.

Gold Status Symbol

Gold is one of the yellow hues that Leo appreciates best. This status symbol of wealth and position resonates with Leo. Gold is as bold as Leo’s personality and ambition.

Yellow Optimism

Yellow is another excellent hue for Leo. This sun color bestows optimism and bolsters a positive outlook.

Orange Energetic

The color orange is a great match for Leo’s magnetic personality. The vibrant fiery sun energy supports Leo’s natural charisma and infuses a burst of power to the lion whenever needed.

Leo Lucky Colors

Gold is considered Leo’s lucky color; however, for some Leos red works better for them. You can try each one to determine if one is luckier than the other. Some Leos may decide to use the two colors together to reap the good luck energies of both colors.

Wearing Good Luck Colors

If you’re a Leo, then you can don your good luck color(s) when you need that extra boost of luck. For example, you may decide to wear your good luck color to an important meeting where you need good luck.

  • You may decide you need extra good luck for taking an exam or applying for a loan.
  • You may choose gold jewelry, especially if it features rubies is the best way to wear your lucky colors.
  • If ruby isn’t your gemstone choice, you may prefer a red garnet.

How to Use Lucky Colors for Décors

You can imbue good luck energy into your home or office décor by adding a few accent pieces in gold and/or red. You may decide to go all out and redecorate using a gold and red color combination for furniture upholstery, window treatments, an area rug, and accessories.

Leo’s Favorite Color

Orange is often a favorite color for Leo. It’s the perfect combination of red and yellow that combines the energies of the two sun colors. Leo often finds orange can be used to highlight a wardrobe or décor.

How to Use Your Favorite Color(s)

You can take advantage of your favorite color(s) by using one or more in your daily lives. A favorite color is often considered a person’s signature color. Some people build their wardrobe around this specific color and even use it as the main color in their home and/or office décor.

Learning to Shine Using Leo Colors and Color Palettes

You can use Leo colors and palettes to help you shine brighter. When you use your color palettes to make you feel empowered or your environment more comfortable, you end up taking advantage of the energies they bring.

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