Home Remedies To Reduce Menstrual Cramps Or Period Pain

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Do you pop up a painkiller every time your menstrual cycle begins? Do you often resort to heating pads or hot water bags to deal with your cramps during periods? Well, these cramps during your monthly cycle are bound to happen. During the periods, there is a sudden withdrawal of progesterone hormone and the lining of the uterus starts shedding along with the blood. To expel these dead tissues, the uterus contracts and gives rise to these menstrual cramps. Well, here are some home remedies that will help you to deal with cramps during periods and ease out the menstrual pain.

1. Carom seeds

A common spice in Indian households, ajwain or carom seeds when taken with a cup of boiling water can help you to fight those cramps and pain in the legs. You can also roast a few carom seeds and consume them with milk when there is unbearable pain. Besides this, carom seeds oil works as an excellent muscle relaxer. Apply it on those strained muscles during your periods and you will feel the difference within no time.

2. Neem leaves

Grind 8-10 neem leaves and add a bit of water to make a paste. Consume this paste with a cup of buttermilk. Both as topical and oral medicine, neem leaves act as an excellent pain-reliever. They also cure yeast infections in the vagina.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera juice is known to give instant relief to your pain during the monthly cycles. Drinking aloe vera juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey at least two to three times a day will help in easing the heavy blood flow. Also, drinking its juice regularly aids normal blood flow during the monthly cycle.

4. Iron-rich diet

Since iron gets easily depleted during menstruation, eating dried apricots (which are rich in iron), can be beneficial for you. They make up for the iron loss caused due to the heavy blood flow. Red meat which is rich in both iron and zinc also helps in curing iron deficiency and is considered to be a great menstrual pain treatment medicine!

5. Liquid relief

Herbal tea or raspberry leaf tea is equally helpful in reducing the cramp’s pain. Ginger crushed into a cup of hot tea is yet another powerful painkiller. Besides this, drink lukewarm water, as it is a great pain-reliever. The intake of a fair quantity of water and juices help the blood clots to pass easily. A hot water bag placed on your abdomen can be of great help. Similarly, soaking yourself in a warm water tub for around 15 minutes can also relieve your pain.

Tips to remember

  • Avoid a rigorous workout, but you can go for small walks.
  • Avoid munching on junk food. Also, stay away from food that is spicy and salty. It can actually increase your pain.
  • Coffee or any form of caffeine should definitely be avoided.
  • Chocolates can actually enhance your pain, so just stay away from them.

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