Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri!!

by 8ztsr

The most amazing Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is made with a load of fresh, frozen strawberries!! No ice to dilute the flavour, and it’s got the perfect slushy consistency. Dangerously easy to drink – there’s a decent slug of booze in this but you can’t taste it!

What goes in Strawberry Daiquiris: strawberries, white rum (Bacardi, Havana Club), lime, and sugar syrup. Freeze the strawberries so you don’t need ice!

Strawberry Daiquiris are everything that comes to mind when I think of cocktails:

  • dangerously drinkable even though it’s got a good slug of rum;
  • looks bright, cheerful, and as fabulous as it tastes;
  • looks impressive, especially when you nail that perfect slushy consistency so you get a small mound but drinkable – rather than so icy it’s like eating sorbet with a spoon!
  • it’s refreshing…. and boozy….

The added bonus here is that it’s made with a hefty amount of fresh strawberries which are loaded with good-for-you antioxidants so let’s believe that the good in this cocktail cancels out the bad…

The best-frozen strawberry daiquiris are made without ice – it dilutes the flavour!

What goes in Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Here’s what you need for Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris:

  • Fresh strawberries – mostly frozen and some fresh. If you only use frozen, it comes out like a sorbet texture that you need to eat with a spoon. So I like to use a combination of frozen and fresh!
  • White rum – Bacardi is my white rum of choice but you can use any, like Havana Club, Appleton, Cruz. Bacardi is a mid-shelf quality white rum. With the fresh flavour of strawberries in this cocktail recipe, you can get away with using any good value or mid-level white rum. I personally choose not to use top-shelf liquor for flavoured cocktails because I think it’s a waste.
  • Lime – essential for a true daiquiri!
  • Sugar syrup – just a mixture of equal parts white sugar and water, dissolved. Don’t use sugar that’s not in syrup form because this is a cold drink so the sugar won’t dissolve. I have a jar in the fridge at all times – for cocktail emergencies! 😂

What type of alcohol goes in a daiquiri?

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris are made with white rum which is clear. I use Bacardi which is a popular mid-level brand that is widely available around most of the world. But you can use any, like Havana Club, Appleton, Cruz. Bacardi is a mid-shelf quality white rum.

As a general rule, I use mid-level liquor for cocktails that are mixed with other flavours because I think it’s unnecessary to use top-shelf liquor.

Make it alcohol free!

Skip the white rum and use apple juice instead! The layers of flavour in the fruit juice will add a little something-something to this cocktail that the rum adds. If you just use water, you will just end up with a strawberry slushy – still tasty mind you, but it will lack that extra layer of flavour liquor adds to cocktails.

How to make Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Note: You need a powerful blender or Nutribullet-type blitzing device to blend the frozen strawberries into a slushy texture.

Note the consistency of the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri above and in the video below. It’s like a sloppy slushy – not icy like a sorbet that calls for a spoon to eat it (who wants to eat their cocktails??!!). You should be able to drink it – but it should mound slightly initially then slowly melt!

When to serve Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris 

Make this strawberry daiquiri recipe for:

  • gatherings with friends on warm balmy days;
  • sipping poolside;
  • those times when you bulk buy strawberries cause you can’t resist a bargain (me!);
  • tropical BBQ’s; and
  • dinner parties with the girls!

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