Feeling Harmonious? You Might Just Have A Green Aura

by 8ztsr

All living things have an aura, or unseen energy field, surrounding them. And though they can’t be seen by the naked eye, auras radiate certain colors or a combination of colors depending on your mood and vibration. (You can have an aura portrait taken, or take an aura quiz if you’re curious about yours.) Here’s everything you need to know about green auras.

The different shades of green auras and their meanings.

Mint green

According to spiritual author Shannon Kaiser, if your aura is mint green, you’re “deeply committed to living in harmony, love, and peace” and “tend to see the positive side of every situation.” And as spiritual YouTuber Karishma Hira notes, “Someone who has a mint green aura expresses the perfect ratio of adventure and balance. On one hand, they can be adventurous, vibrant, energetic, and fearless. On the other hand, they can be harmonious, grounding, calm, and responsible. They have the ability to balance the spiritual and the physical world.”

Light green

Light green auras may feel a desire to embark on a meaningful or healing journey, Hira says, adding, “They are seeking to heal themselves first before they go out into the world to use their healing powers on others.” They make also place importance on their well-being, with Hira noting they can be drawn to read personal development books or suddenly take charge of their health. Kaiser adds these folks are full of love and life, speaking through self-expression rather than verbally. “They love creating something new and unique, making great poets, writers, songwriters, painters, etc.,” she says.


Blue-green auras combine some of the best qualities of blue and green. For example, they are very calming and grounding, Hira says. “They value calmness and comfort,” she notes, and “they feel drawn to activities that energize them, helping them to feel more present,” Kaiser adds they’re also sensitive, with a strong sense of purpose and their inner guide. “This color reflects personal growth, the openness of the heart, and willingness to change and transform.” Watch out, though, as she notes muddier shades of blue-green can indicate possessiveness or fear of being unlovable.


And lastly, an emerald aura is very magnetic. Kaiser says this is an aura that draws people in. “Those with an emerald green aura are healers and want to be united,” she says, with Hira adding, “from a young age, they know how to naturally heal people with their energy and personality. Their energy can bring warmth, joy, comfort, and harmony to most people they come in contact with.”

It should be noted, however, that dark green can mean something a little different from emerald. When it comes to auras, this color is associated with jealousy, pride, and feeling like a victim. “They can compare themselves to others. They may also find it difficult to take criticism because it feels like an attack,” Hira says. “They may have a victim mindset, focusing on blaming others rather than taking responsibility for themselves,” Kaiser adds those who feel this way would benefit from getting out in nature and grounding themselves through earthing or placing their bare feet on the grass.

The connection between green and the heart chakra.

The color of one’s aura and the colors of the seven main chakras are closely related. Depending on where energy is concentrated in your body, it’s believed the aura’s color corresponds with the color of whichever chakra(s) are front-and-center, so to speak.

“Green frequencies resonate with the vibration of the heart chakra because they are the center of personal growth and healing,” Kaiser explains. “It’s about opening up your heart more to others and life itself,” Hira adds. “It’s also about not being afraid to express vulnerability because this is a great way for those who want to heal and grow along their journey.”

Because those with green auras are interested in healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually, working with the energy of the heart chakra is important. “When we have a closed heart, sometimes we can block ourselves from giving and receiving unconditional love and healing to ourselves and others,” Hira says. “When we allow ourselves to open our hearts more, this gives us the ability to be open to let go, change, and grow.”

What challenges might someone with a green aura face?

There’s a reason behind the expression “green with envy,” as that’s an area those with green auras may struggle with. “It is common for green aura people to feel jealous and build up resentment,” Kaiser says, with Hira noting dark muddy green aura may “express signs of jealousy because they can be overly protective” or show signs of clinginess if they’re worried about their relationship.

“They tend to [overextend] themselves to please those around them,” Kaiser adds, “but this loyalty may not always be returned in the same manner, so the emotional buildup occurs. They are easily influenced by others, so creating clear boundaries is important for them.”

How do they fare in love and relationships?

As this is the aura most closely related to the heart chakra, green auras tend to fare well in love and relationships. They’re deeply devoted, loving, and harmonious—not a bad mix for a partner! But, as Kaiser notes, green auras do tend to over-give, so it’s important for them not to hyper-focus on pleasing their partner, and remember to tend to their own personal needs.

“It’s important [for them] to surround themselves with a creative and caring partner—a creative yellow aura or adventurous orange type is a good fit,” she says, “someone who enjoys personal growth, spending time in nature, and trying new things. Greens are rooted in balance, so seeking a partner who values this too will help them feel more loved.”

Hira echoed these thoughts, adding green auras have a way of bringing out a “sense of calmness and comfort in you from their presence alone because they are such well-balanced individuals.”

How about in their career and professional lives?

When it comes to a career path, folks with green auras want to help others heal and, at the very least, grow. Green is also associated with money and abundance, Kaiser notes, and “they often have no problem manifesting loads of cash.”

A career that allows connection with people, nature, or animals is particularly exciting for someone with a green aura, Hira explains. (Think doctors, reiki masters, veterinarians, environmentalists, etc.) “Someone with a green aura may be more extroverted, open, social, and friendly in the workplace,” she says, which helps them build strong work relationships. And “[they] may also exhibit creative skills and a key eye for detail, allowing them to come on with practical and realistic ideas when it comes to campaigns and projects.”

“Green aura personality represents growth and change,” Kaiser adds. “In business, it represents originality, goal-setting, innovativeness, and new beginnings. At work, they thrive on new projects and excel during change. They work best with a growth plan and area of focus to achieve too.”

How to interact with someone with a green aura.

If you think someone in your life must have a green aura, you might be wondering how best to interact with them. Because they exhibit earthy qualities like stability, grounding, and balance, Hira says they will often feel drawn to more practical people and “naturally get along with people who are also in touch with the material world.” They’re also drawn to activities that are calming while still energizing, she adds, like spending time in nature, exercising, or gardening.

She and Kaiser note those with green auras like to feel inspired and motivated and not judged by their peers. “Greens are some of the most powerful and intelligent people in the aura spectrum,” Kaiser says. “They process information and ideas quickly—so allow them space to share their ideas, and never judge them, as they can take it personally with their sensitive spirit.”

While auras are always changing, many people will have a dominant color that seems to show up more often. If that color is green for you or someone you love, now you know why. And though green auras do have the potential to slip into a jealous territory, this is ultimately a very harmonious and balanced aura, embodying heart-centered energy.

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