Black-Owned Home Luxury Brand To Spruce up Your Home

by 8ztsr

Making your home a space one where you can work, place, have personal time, and get sh*t done all in one is no easy task. When you’re looking at the same walls, items, and even people every day, it’s more than possible to get a little bored and run out of inspiration every once in a while. Thankfully, with a touch of Black girl magic from a few Black-owned home decor brands around your house, it’ll look like you moved into a whole new apartment.
As the owner of DBF Interiors, Dominique Fluker says that highlighting Black-owned home décor and interior design businesses is important because there aren’t too many to choose from. If there are, many of them haven’t been giving the proper spotlight. “We’re participating and excelling in such a niche market and need the support of our community to keep us afloat. There’s so much creativity in our community and Black-owned home décor businesses consistently demonstrate that while actively representing our culture,” Fluker told ESSENCE.
Fluker founded DBF Interiors in January 2021 at the height of the pandemic, during which time she realized that her work-from-home environment wasn’t conducive to her mental health or work ethic. “I was working my 9-5 pm tech job remotely and hated my apartment, as it was uninspiring and wasn’t a calming work environment. I needed to feel safe, comfortable and creatively inspired within my home,” she admitted. After committing to giving her living space a facelift, Fluker “took a leap of faith” and pitched photos of her apartment to an editor at Apartment Therapy for a potential feature for their “Renter Solutions” section. After her apartment was featured on their site and social platforms, people continued to inquire about her apartment’s new look – the rest was history.

“Black-owned brands in the home décor space are producing a plethora of unique goods from furniture, paint, large-small décor – it’s endless. We need more opportunities and platforms to grow our business,” HVS Home founder Bukola Are added to ESSENCE. Her Black-owned luxury home line recently entered a retail partnership with Wayfair to launch their Africa Tic Tac Toe game board.
Are continued, “More often, you will come across craft items from Black-owned décor brands before you stumble upon our luxury offerings. It is not that we are not producing luxury, [but] visibility is limited, making it harder for consumers to discover us. The world is just catching up. 2020 shed a light on our magic. We are brilliant people and produce befitting products that fit perfectly into any home or space.”
When it comes to the most important components of home decor and a design concept, Fluker named scale, texture, shape, style, and substance at the top of the list. “A nicely designed apartment highlights the scale of unique furniture and décor while showcasing its style. I love to play with texture and shapes throughout the space to show variety and visual interest. The use of texture can provide the illusion of space through wall finishes, wallpaper, and furnishings such as rugs, fabrics, and even artisan vases,” she explained to ESSENCE. “When selecting one-of-a-kind décor, I opt for stylish pieces that most won’t expect or find in any home. I believe décor and furniture can be a reflection of your character and distinct personality.”

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