This Colourful Collection from Hertunba Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

by 8ztsr

Fast-rising womenswear brand Hertunba led by Forentyna Agu, recently launched its new collection tagged The Future of Colour.
According to the statement of the Designer:
In my mind colour is a language, a tool of expression and a means of communication. I have always used colours to communicate my emotions and learn new things, this collection is an attempt to show the world my understanding of colours and how they make me feel.
I hope the greens and the yellows in this collection make the wearers and viewers feel the confidence I feel when I wear green. I hope the peaches and the blues make Hertunba women feel the beauty and calm I feel when I wear blue. I hope the colours in this collection inspires someone to give life another chance. I hope the future of colour is unapologetically bold and beautiful.

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