Only Zoë Kravitz Could Make a Basic Tank Top Look This Cool

by 8ztsr

Hats off to Zoë Kravitz. While she doesn’t often get spotted out and about, when she does show up every now and again, she manages to wow us, even with the plainest of outfits. What’s her secret? Well, dear reader, it all comes down to this: simplicity. Over the years, we’ve analyzed the star’s outfits, and she never makes them fussy or over-the-top. She keeps things simple whether it’s a bejeweled bra and black skirt for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party or just an oversize shirt and jeans. She sticks to a couple of really great pieces, and that’s what makes her style stand out.
Her most recent outfit proves our point beautifully, as it comprises a white tank top and a green slip skirt. She accessorized the look with a pair of low slip-on heels and an oversize brown bag, which gives it a more directional twist. That’s it. But you know what? It looks great. Not only is it her eye for pairing the mint and brown together that makes this outfit feel fresh, but it’s also that this is the perfect look for summer. So next time there’s a heatwave, you know what to do. Keep scrolling to see the ensemble and then keep going to shop our edit of slip skirts and white tank tops.

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