We played Two Truth and a Lie with Three of Gossip Girl’s New Stars

by 8ztsr

Any Gossip Girl fan appreciates the value of a good secret. I’m not condoning blackmail, but there is something deliciously satisfying about being in the know before everyone else. Try as I might, it was nearly impossible to get our June cover stars, Emily Alyn Lind, Jordan Alexander, and Zión Moreno, to divulge anything worthy of a Gossip Girl push notification, but they were willing to share a few insights about their characters, provide anecdotes about fun behind the scenes, and have a little fun with a quick game of two truths and a lie.
Listen to this Brooklyn-based trio talk about what to expect from the hottest series of the summer, share their personal style staples, and, of course, spill just a drop of tea.


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