Jasmine Cephas Jones on Hamilton, winning an Emmy and Her Now Show.

by 8ztsr

In the entertainment industry, it’s not unusual for the children of beloved artists to be compared to their predecessors. For the actress and singer Jasmine Cephas Jones, there’s no denying that she has stepped into her own light. Since bursting into the spotlight in 2015 for her debut theater performance in Hamilton as Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds, she’s had over 18 other roles, won an Emmy, released her own music, and gotten engaged to Hamilton co-star and In The Heights lead Anthony Ramos. Basically, she’s been out here keeping busy, and she isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Jones’s most recent project, Blindspotting, was adapted from a movie into a television series by Starz, and the first episode premieres today.
The adaptation follows Ashley, the character played by Cephas Jones, as she deals with the incarceration of her partner, Miles, played by the former film lead Rafael Casal. The series continues the plotline with all the same characters, but unlike the film, it puts the women front and center, exploring their lives and how they’re impacted by the world around them. It’s rare to see a series that highlights the emotional, psychological, and financial toll of mass incarceration without centering the narrative on those in prison—much less one that combines drama, comedy, dance, and spoken-word poetry in every episode. But with Cephas Jones, and Ashley, in the center of the story, this nuanced perspective feels natural. It’s as if both women’s work, their lives, and their plight are meant to be visualized. Once you see them, you won’t be able to look away.
After speaking with Cephas Jones about everything from why Blindspotting is an important series to working with stylist Jason Rembert and how she’s evolved as an artist since Hamilton, it’s hard to deny that she deserves every bit of her moment in the limelight. Watch out, world—this bright star is about to illuminate your screen.

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