The Beauty World is Buzzing Over This Product Created for Melanin-Rich Skin.

by 8ztsr

There is an enormous world of beauty products out there. It’s endless, so I find I’m drawn to brands that are so small and focused they don’t even have products to sell yet. And I swear it’s not because of the marketing or even the element of mystery. For me, it’s a meaningful mission and the confidence to see it through above all else. That’s what’s so special about Eadem, the brand-new beauty company from Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice Lin Glover, two young women who left their jobs at Google, where they met, to create products for melanin-rich skin.
The brand launched with a blog that delves into the global beauty landscape, sharing how women of color all over the world take care of their skin and discussing the realities of the industry from the perspective of marginalized identities. It taught them what they needed to focus on first, and now, they’re proud to launch their first product, the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum, which treats hyperpigmentation without lightening skin tone in the way that most conventional spot treatments do on darker skin.

“Eadem is the clean beauty brand Marie and I were always looking for—designed for our melanin and bare-skin confidence,” Glover says. “First up? We’re tackling hyperpigmentation, a problem all women of color share, with our launch of the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum.”
Milk Marvel is the product of thorough, self-funded research. Amouzame and Glover have been involved in the production of the formula every step of the way, from consulting a dermatologist to ensuring lab trials included people of color. They’re so confident in their mission, so driven to create formulas that are genuinely different from what’s available, they gained attention from the top credibility-building platforms in beauty, Sephora and Glossier. With the Glossier Grant Initiative for Black-Owned Beauty Business and Sephora Accelerate mentorship, Eadem surely will continue to build out a lineup of skincare products unlike anything else in the business.

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