Rachel Rodgers is Teaching women How to build wealth and own their worth

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Rachel Rodgers is the epitome of the phrase “breaking the glass ceiling.” As the founder of Hello Seven, a female-run company dedicated to teaching women how to increase their income and build wealth without sacrificing their sanity in the process, Rodgers is shifting the narrative for women in business. Impressively, in its first year, Hello Seven hit $1M in revenue. Through her podcast, Hello Seven Podcast, and online club, We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club, Rodgers reaches over 50,000 women a week. The imbalance of financial power between men and women has been an ongoing issue, and Rodgers’s mission is to provide a solution—to show women, especially women of color, that they can end the cycle of overworking and under-earning through tangible resources like business training, legal guidance, and money mindset coaching to help conquer financial goals.
Rodgers has become an industry thought-leader, with features in esteemed publications including Forbes, Time, and Fast Company, and a passion for creating a real impact. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Rodgers started the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge, which has already garnered 2500 sign-ups. Rodgers is committed to making meaningful change and, through the launch of her first—and highly anticipated—book, We Should All Be Millionaires, from HarperCollins Leadership, will teach women how to make money that will give them the authority to make a difference in their communities.
Because Rodgers is a respected voice of authority, it should come as no surprise that her extensive past experiences play a major role in her success today. Rodgers began her career working on Capitol Hill with nonprofits, federal courts, and notable leaders, including Hillary Clinton. But Rodgers was always destined to go to law school, and at the young age of 28, she opened her own law practice, Rodgers Collective, focusing on intellectual property law. Three years later, Rodgers went on to open another business, Small Business Bodyguard, giving small companies the legal tools and templates they need to get started.
Tune in to the latest Second Life episode to hear how Rodgers continues to shift the narrative for women and marginalized communities and how her former roles led her to Hello Seven. And keep scrolling to preorder her book, which comes out on May 4.

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