The Polarizing Jean Outfit, More and More Fashion People are wearing Again

by 8ztsr

Denim pieces—from jeans to jackets—would undoubtedly be considered wardrobe staples for many. On that note, pairing two denim pieces together (that Canadian tuxedo vibe) is also a favorite for some, especially now. The denim-on-denim look is certainly not new, but the somewhat polarizing outfit seems especially noteworthy this season. Yep, after scrolling through Instagram recently, it became apparent that the fashion crowd is wearing this jean look even more again.

While it may not always be for the faint of heart, it’s quite effortless and chic. Here, we’re talking about ensembles featuring modern jeans with coordinating button-down shirts and chic denim skirts with matching jackets. Keep scrolling to check out how style setters are wearing denim-on-denim this season, complete with inspired shopping picks.

Tuck a denim shirt into relaxed jeans for a sleek look. Heels complete the vibe.

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