Rachel Bilson on The O.C. Fashion and Shani Darden on the Best Skincare Regimen

by 8ztsr

First up is Summer Roberts’s real-life alter ego, Rachel Bilson. You may recognize her from The O.C., Hart of Dixie, and The Last Kiss, to name a few. She recently launched the podcast Welcome to the OC, Bitches! alongside her former co-star Melinda Clarke (aka Julie Cooper). In honor of her new venture, we chatted with Bilson about her time on the show, what cameos we can expect on her podcast, and what purchases she’s been influenced to buy during the pandemic.

Our following guest is just as influential in the beauty realm. Shandi Darden is an esthetician to the stars with a client roster that includes Jessica Alba, Shay Mitchell, and many more. True followers will also know that her model stint in the ’90s included moonlighting as a backup for music videos for artists such as Destiny’s Child and LL Cool J. Since then, she’s become a registered skincare professional and has launched her own brand. She dishes on all of her best skincare tips (including how to combat maskne) and explains why retinol is the best weapon your vanity can have.

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