Jill Biden Wore a Pair of Fishnet Tights, and Twitter Broke

by 8ztsr

Once again, Jill Biden is trending on Twitter for her style.
On Easter evening, April 4, the first lady of the United States was photographed exiting a plane at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland wearing a pair of floral fishnet tights to go along with an all-black ensemble of booties, a leather skirt, and a blazer. Basically, she was dressed like any fashionable New Yorker going through a Betsey Johnson phase—and we mean that in the best possible way.

While Biden looked incredible, Twitter would have you believe every single person on the political right was blasting the outfit, particularly the holey stockings, for being “inappropriate.” That’s not surprising, considering the amount of criticism Michelle Obama received from the right for baring her arms for her first official photo as the first lady in 2009.
Still, while Biden has been trending since last night, most of the tweets seem to be coming from her defenders. Overall, the look was actually a hit, despite a few ignorant detractors.

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“It’s Dr. FLOTUS Jill Biden to you, and she can wear what she wants,” one user correctly tweeted, while another added that she was “Rockin those fishnets & booties.”
One of the fun things about Biden’s style is that it has a serious range. In fact, this is not the first time one of her holiday looks has gone viral. On February 12, the first lady dropped by The Sweet Lobby, a local Black-owned business, to do some Valentine’s Day treat shopping in a pastel pink coat, floral earrings, and a blue scrunchie—a far cry from the all-black Easter image.

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