Only Zoë Kravitz Could Convince Me to Try This Footwear Trend

by 8ztsr

Zoë Kravitz is one of the few celebrities who possesses the rare talent to make just about anything look cool. Whether she’s on a red carpet in a fitted gown (when that kind of thing is allowed) and opera gloves or at an event in a shirt and black skinny jeans, Kravitz has the inimitable ability to make each and every look feel incredibly modern. Case in point? Zoë’s love of loafers. While the classic shoe may have come back into fashion’s good books a few years back when Alessandro Michele created Gucci’s fur-lined iteration, it’s
since the start of 2021 that we’ve seen a sudden passion for the sensible leather flats once more. But Kravitz, as always, was well ahead of this curve. This time last year she was wearing loafers on repeat when everyone else was addicted to trainers.

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated. While making the rounds on a press
tour last during the launch of a TV show- High Fidelity, Kravitz paired a set of flat black loafers with wide-leg
checked trousers and a yellow coat. Earlier that week, the star wore the loafers again to her show’s premiere,
alongside a collared shirt and suede jacket. And proving that three is a trend, Zoë wore loafers once more for
an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon . It may not be the footwear I imagined myself in this spring, but Zoë Kravitz has definitely made a case for loafers looking anything but nerdy or too preppy. I’ll be adding these shoes to my shopping list immediately. And what’s more is that this season there are all
kinds of iterations that fit the simple-black-loafer bill: You can go chunky and track-soled, classic and slim, or find something with a bit of extra detailing on the front, like thick gold chains.

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