This Bikini Trend is Suddenly Dying

by 8ztsr

Looking to celeb beach outfits, barely-there bikinis are being embraced in a huge way. String bikinis and triangle tops are being endorsed by celebs like Bella Hadid and the always photogenic J. Lo. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re seeing celebs like Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski wearing inventive one-pieces that range from belted swimsuits to styles with cutouts. The one style we’re not seeing celebrities wear right now? High-waisted bikinis. The silhouette has been hugely popular in the last few years, but now celebrities seem to be shying away from the style.

Low-Cut Bikinis

Instead of high-waisted bikinis, celebrities are gravitating toward low-cut styles. We’re seeing a huge uptick in
string bikinis and silhouettes that have an early ’00s feel.


If you opt for one-piece over bikinis, there are plenty of celebs who are also favouring the swimsuit style. What we’re seeing this year is a range of styles with details that updated the standard One-piece, whether it’s a plunging silhouette, “floss” straps, or a seersucker finish.


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