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Since giving birth to her first child in January, Ashley Graham has been refreshingly candid about the ways her body changed after pregnancy. In a recent interview, the supermodel got real about another seldom-discussed byproduct of having kids: Postpartum hair loss. She also let readers in on the solution to her thinning strands — according to Graham, the Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp & Hair Serum is the only thing that kept her hair from falling out in heaps. “[My hair] used to be super curly, but I think between blowouts and birth control, I lost a lot of my texture. And like a lot of women, I had postpartum hair loss, which I did not know was a thing until it happened to me. It was about four months postpartum when my hair literally just came out in clumps,” she told The Strategist. “I tried a lot of different remedies — I even made stuff at home — but this scalp serum from Kérastase has been a true saving grace.”
One look at the product description makes it easy to see how this serum earned Graham’s approval. It’s formulated with SP94, a peptide that restores hair from root to tip by building up its fibers, along with
breakage-reducing ceramides, conditioning agents, and antioxidant- rich green tea extract. The resulting
concoction leaves hair of all textures thicker, shinier, and stronger. Graham went on to explain that she
applies the Kérastase serum directly to her scalp after spraying hair with a mixture of castor and canola oils.
Judging by what we’ve seen on her Instagram, the remedy works wonders.
Plenty of everyday shoppers have confirmed Graham’s claims, attesting to the serum’s anti-thinning properties in review after glowing review. “Love this product! I have been using it since April and have seen such a difference in my hair length and fullness,” wrote one customer in September. “I use it about twice a week and still haven’t gone through an entire bottle.

Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp & Hair Serum for $51

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