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It’s been a strange year for celebrities and fashion. Most red carpet events have been canceled—from the Met Gala to some of the biggest awards shows, not to mention there’s been no Cannes or big weddings either. While initially we were disappointed by the lack of A-lister outfits, there are still some key people who have influenced the way we dressed this year, and dare I say even genuinely made us shop too. Thanks to Instagram, music videos, and the celebs doing normal stuff like shopping, we’ve been able to get our fix despite the lack of red carpet events. So, who makes the cut for 2020? Top of my list has to be Harry Styles whose style has not only pushed boundaries but has influenced whole Tik Tok viral trends. There’s also Katie Holmes, Tracee Ellis Ross, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and more. But why they all make this list? You’ll have to keep scrolling to find out…


What trends hasn’t Harry Styles influenced us to wear this year?
There are a few standouts, however. After he wore the JW Anderson patchwork cardigan on stage, Tik Tok went nuts trying to recreate it. But it wasn’t just one granny trend we fell for thanks to Harry, there were also the pearl necklaces. The singer has been wearing them for some time now but it was in his Golden video released in October that the pearl necklace trend took off. Lyst reported that after Harry was seen wearing pearl necklaces “searches for similar pieces increased 31%.

Key Piece:

Pearl OCTOPUSS.Y Silver-Plated, Crystal and Pearl Necklace (£390)


Rosie HW is our ultimate minimalist queen. From The Row to Bottega Veneta, she’s wears pieces that are elegant and understated. This year has been no different and while we love her jackets and boots combos, it
was her styling of the Khaite ribbed top with a gold necklace that we remember and want to recreate the

Key Piece:

Long Sleeve Tubular Neck Sweater (£55)


Much like us during the pandemic, Tracee Ellis Ross knows the value of a good comfortable pair of trainers.
Over the past year, she’s been wearing great sneakers with either cool suits or trackies.

Key Piece:

Cold Laundry Cl Faded Blue Suit Set Blazer (£185)


2019 was a big year for Katie Holmes and 2020 hasn’t been different. If anything, we’ve seen even more of her. While we love her red carpet looks, it’s always her every day more casual outfits that we get inspiration from. A lover of jeans, cardigans, and Birkenstocks, Katie’s 2020 wardrobe has been very much like ours.

Key Piece:

Allude Cashmere Cardigan (£305)


The Duchess of Sussex might now be living in L.A. but on a brief visit back to the UK pre-lockdown, Meghan dazzled with an array of very chic ensembles. The best bit was that Harry subtly matched with every outfit she wore—case in point his green tie to match her emerald dress.

Key Piece:

Apiece Apart Arhus Belted Wool-Felt Coat (£970)


The coolest of all has to be Zoë Kravtiz. The actress never fails to look incredibly chic but also wears outfits we’d want in our wardrobes too. Those checked Saint Laurent trousers in particular just shot to the top of our wishlists. Zoë Kravitz channels polka dots her way through an unbuttoned blouse– and–tank top combination.

Key Piece:

Saint Laurent Cropped Pleated Checked Wool Straight-Leg Pants (£785)

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