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Style is a particular procedure or way something is done. There’s vast gap between fashion and style. Fashion is basically about clothes and their relationship to the moment, while style is about the wearer and your relationship to yourself.
Despite the proliferation of fashion, style has been out of style for decades, in place of style, merchandised clothes is honored. Style on the other hand, doesn’t require breaking the bank, It dwells on courage and creativity.
Style so far, has been a generational thing, style is perceived to have started since the the beginning of time. It might have represented the past, the present, and the future. It is what connects time and unique people of different generations.
Style goes way beyond fashion; it’s a way of capturing something vibrant, making a statement about yourself in clothes.(you can’t have style until you’ve articulated yourself).
According to Joan De Jean, a professor of French language and culture at the University of Pennsylvania, “style has its wellshod feet firmly planted in the seventeenth century; it was the deliberate creation of Louis XIV of France,(The Sun King). He was the ESSENCE OF STYLE, history’s greatest exampler of it”.

Whatever else it is, ” style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak a word”. True style, in addition to being irrevocably social, is even morally responsible. Consumption isn’t promiscuous or random, at the whim of the marketplace or the urging of marketers. Rather, it is focused on suitability and expressiveness.
Deep down, we suspect this, since we ourselves make judgements about others from how they look. No one should be penalized for not having style of course, but those who have it, are distinctive, and thus more memorable.
In the long run, you will understand that style is fundamentally democratic. It believes everyone has the potential of carefully selecting good clothing’s to create a unique identity.

Style is more character than clothes, more attitude than affluence. It’s you making visible your inner self. So forget what you learned about appearance not counting; you can no longer afford to be without style.

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