Deola Aina to Launch Her Beauty Line Deola Aina Cosmetics

by 8ztsr

Is this the season of Makeup Artist beauty lines, or what? Pat MC Grathreal set the ball rolling ; just this year, Makeup by Mario launched his signature product line, Makeup by Mario and less than 24 hours Nigeria Celebrity Makeup artist and author, Deola Aina made the official announcement of her own brand new line, Deola Aina Cosmetics. This new beauty line, which will launched exclusively on her website, was born out of passion, personal experiences and struggles, Deola reveals in a heartfelt Instagram caption.

I can’t believe I’m writing this right now, I have mixed emotions right now guys, I’m happy, excited, grateful and nervous at the same time. I’m terrified guys, I’m scared, I’ve talked myself out of it, I’ve pushed and pushed the launch date, trust me guys I have pushed things far, I’m scared, I’m definitely scared guys. This is the day I’ve picture that will be coming in the distant future. I remember during my training in MUD Makeup School as a makeup artist 8 years ago and I thought it’s something I will be able to achieve let’s say in my late 40’s or early 50’s and not a day I thought will get here so soon. Makeup means a lot to me afterall I’m a makeup artist, makeup to me is not just makeup, makeup to me is a boost of confidence, it makes you walk a little bit taller, for me makeup goes much deeper than just applying a product on your face and for me to be able to create those products for you guys to use and for you guys to enjoy the benefits that comes with wearing makeup, I feel like it’s such an honor and privilege to me, but my company is way more than just makeup, my company is about inspiring people to push their limit, push their boundaries because I believe that there’s no limit to human potential.

This is huge for me guys and I can say it’s my biggest achievement so far, I want to say big thank you guys because without you guys I won’t be telling you about this big milestone in my life, I’ll not be writing about starting this new exciting chapter of my life, I’ll not be fulfilling at something that has been a big dream of mine becoming a reality, thank you so much for the support you have shown me so far, If you know me well you know i love legacy. Deola Aina Cosmetics is my legacy and I can’t believe I just say Deola Aina Cosmetics🙈 you have no idea on how much it means to me. I have created products that I love, that are amazing that I know you guys are going to love, I’ll be unveiling them this Friday 13th of November on my YouTube channel(Deola Aina) to show you the collection because I really want to share everything with you guys, because you guys are big part of the company, you’re all shareholders of this company, but the official launch date is going to be on the 20th of November and we’ll be launching online. Please go and follow the company page @deolaainacosmetics to get to see what the company is going to be selling and what we are all about, I’m also going to be doing some giveaways😍💃🏽 guys It’s been a journey and I want to bring you guys into this journey with me, I want us to grow together, I want us to learn together, I can’t wait for you guys to experience everything that we’ve been working on.

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