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With the pursuit of a flawless face being one of the most common goals among individuals, several beauty products have emerged promising to give you a better result than the next. It is also important to take a look at and study the content of these products in order to avoid any health or skin hazard. Skin cells can also be very sensitive and another fact is, the skin makes up most of the body which makes it difficult to hide any mishap.

Parabens: A popular preservative used in a high number of products, this ingredient is known for to ‘disrupt hormone function’, it’s also said that this effect is linked to ‘increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.

Fragrances: It’s advised to be wary of products that have a vague ingredient name stated as ‘fragrance’, the name is used to disguise a huge range of dangerous compounds responsible for a long list of health conditions.

Hydroquinone: Known as a skin lightening agent, Hydroquinone is still considered safe with no long term health risk attached to it. However, it’s been said to contain an amount of Mercury, which doesn’t seem like a healthy ingredient choice. It decreases melanin formation and in some rare cases causes a skin condition called ‘Ochronosis’.

Talc: Made from hydrated magnesium silicate, this ingredient is common in cosmetic products such as face powders and eyeshadows. When it is not purified, it can be contaminated with asbestos, which is known to cause several types of cancers.

Oxybenzone: Used as a sunscreen agent, this ingredient can easily be absorbed through the skin and also enhances the absorption of other chemicals that might be harmful and could also cause allergic reactions that can be triggered by sun exposure.

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