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Maybe you’ve been told you need to spray your favourite fragrance on your clothes, to get a truly lasting scent; or that more is actually more; but when it comes to smelling like a million bucks, there’s a method to the magic. A few simple changes to your daily spritz can make all the difference in how effective your perfume is.

ll scents are not created equal

The nature of the scent significantly determines how it should be applied – and even where.  President of Clean Beauty Collective, Greg Black says, “fragrances that are from the aldehydes, marines or citrus olfactive families work particularly well on clothing or bed linens, and woodsy, musks or aromatics tend to scent well on skin and natural pores.” Fresher scents are also thought to produce better results when applied directly on the neck or around the hair.

Spray, don’t rub

According to award-winning French-Armenian perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, spraying, then rubbing is a big no-no. The friction created by rubbing “heats up the skin, which produces natural enzymes that change the course of the scent.” Heat warms up your perfume and can ultimately cause it to lose its crispness and sharpness.

Consider your skin

If you don’t have sensitive skin, spraying perfume directly on your body is fine, but if your skin is more delicate, experts advise your clothes are a better bet. “If you have sensitive skin, we always recommend spraying fragrance on clothes. It will hold the fragrance wear much longer and leaves your closet smelling amazing,” says Carina Chaz founder, creative director and CEO of fragrance brand, DedCool.

Shower first, spritz later

Your skin needs to be warm and supple for the fragrance to really permeate through, according to this expert. To get the best results, perfumer, Marie Salamagne says, “It’s best to apply perfumes oils right after showering, as warm, damp skin will absorb the oil best. You can layer it with your EDP or EDT to highlight specific facets.”

Keep key areas in mind

Ultimately, where – on your body – you spray your perfume matters. Opt for exposed areas, like the neck, inner elbows, wrists and upper chest. “Don’t cover [your perfume] up with your clothing,” Kurkdjian says, to really give the scent room to roam. However, it’s important to note that if you’re in a hot climate, as you sweat, the natural oils of the skin can destroy the scent of your perfume faster.

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