by 8ztsr

Not so long ago on the world of the internet, American model, Ashley Graham took to her Instagram page to share her culinary escapades like most foodies do on the internet. This time, she tried making Coconut Jollof rice with a recipe gotten from Nigerian-American Actor, Yvonne Orji and let’s just say her attempt at the meal didn’t go well with Nigerians. However, lifestyle Youtuber, Sisi Yemmie, explained Ashley’s version, which looked like risotto, was indeed an actual version from an eastern part of Nigeria.

The interesting part in all these is, personally, I have never heard of Coconut Jollof rice and another good part is, Food Influencers from Nigeria posted recipes of making the grainy version we are all used to and so, if you’re anything like me, wondering what this meal is, see the meal prep below.


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