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I was done with my meeting for the day when I decided to scan through twitter for light-hearted comedy. Within two minutes of skimming through the app, I saw a number of people tweet about a show on Netflix with really cool interior design and real estate. Being a typical Pinterest board girl, ogling tasteful but pricey interior and saving them for when I can afford it, I went straight to Netflix to binge-watch this 3-seasoned reality tv show.

Selling Sunset is a reality television show that showcases luxury real estate listed under the Oppenheim Group located in Los Angeles. The show is a mix of the luxury houses and drama that goes down in the lives of the real estate agents that work in the group. So you get a cocktail of great houses with exquisite interior and a dash of blonde women with catty remarks and loads of drama.

Through the three-seasoned show, you would see these women balance selling million-dollar homes while balancing their relationships as co-workers and their personal life beyond the office. The show is perfect because while you feed your knowledge on great interior, you also get a dose of “trash” TV. The drama can be overwhelming, but it’s a great watch in total.


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