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Remember the beginning of 2020 when we all set goals we wanted to accomplish before the year runs out? Who would have thought back then that COVID-19 was going to stop most of us right in our tracks? All is not lost just yet, though; with just over four months before the year comes to an end, there’s still time to hunker down and meet those targets, no matter how small or great they might be. After all, the ultimate goal is continuous self-development.

Goal #1: Learning a new skill

Chances are that this was top of your list at the beginning of the year – pick up a new language, learn to play the guitar, improve on your employability skills – but in reality, you might not have mastered that new skill just yet. What’s really important, though, is that you don’t let fear hold you back and give it a go – more important than when you decided to start.

Goal #2: Living in the moment

If the year of COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that all you really have is the present and it’s important to live in it. Even beyond the coming weeks and months, you can commit to spending less time on social media, interacting more with friends and family, getting enough rest, eating well and just living life, rather than watching it pass you by.

Goal #3: Changing your wardrobe

Yes, this is a worthwhile goal! Your wardrobe is a reflection of your personality, state of mind and confidence level. Luckily, you can still shop from your favourite fashion stores and get a delivery in the comfort of your home. Experiment with colours, prints and patterns, be open to new styles (it’s okay not to dress the same way you did when you were 21) and invest in statement pieces that will stand the test of time.

Goal #4: Develop a skincare routine

2020 is the year to finally develop a skincare routine and (actually) stick to it. So, start now! Do your research on what exactly your type of skin needs, don’t be shy to ask for recommendations and advice, and do your best to stick to a routine for the next couple of months.

Goal #5: Finish a book

There’s so much emphasis on ‘getting back the lost art of reading’ and its benefits these days, but what if you’re just not much of a reader? Chances are that you simply haven’t found what appeals to you. With a variety of literature out there, from autobiographies and self-help books to fantastic fiction, there’s something for just about everyone. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself; it’s more important to enjoy what you’re reading than doing it just for the sake of it.

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