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“I’m not a morning person” usually translates to “best co-operative in the later hours of the day and just plain cranky before I’ve had my first cup of coffee”. I’d been there for years, until I suddenly realised that, more than anything, what I needed was simply to tweak a few habits of mine to become a happier and more productive person – all day long.

Studies show human beings generally tend to be most efficient earlier in the day; this is because you are typically more refreshed and feeling energised. As the day goes by, that energy just relapses; it’s human nature.

To boost your mood in the morning (and therefore, throughout the day), here are a few habits you could easily start to build:

Embrace early nights

The “early to bed, early to rise” saying isn’t just a nursery school rhyme; there’s a lot of truth to it. The earlier you go to bed, the earlier you’re able to wake up in the morning, ready to kick-start your day. Not getting the required hours of sleep you need to regain all the energy spent the day before leads can lead to a very cranky you.

Break an early sweat

You can certainly workout any time of the day but morning workouts are so popular because the early exercise helps you start the day with more energy, focus and optimism. Even better, they’re known to help you eat better and say active throughout the day. This way, you are not only keeping fit and boosting your energy for the day, but making good long-term decisions for your health.

Avoid skipping meals

The bottom line: Not having breakfast makes you feel tired and less energised. Even having a light, filling meal, like a quick parfait or high-fibre cereal can make all the difference to your productivity.

Make wardrobe choices beforehand

Trying to figure out what to wear whilst watching the clock can be utterly time-consuming and stressful. Why not save yourself the hassle and plan your outfit the day before? This way, you can enjoy a smoother start to the day.

Say ‘yes’ to making lists

Be it a mental note or a few scribbles on a piece of paper, listing out your tasks for the day can do wonders in helping you prioritise what’s important to achieve, while you still have that morning energy.

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